Instrumentation Services

Diagnostics & Repair

Services are designed to find the root cause of a field instrument, software, or solution breakdown/failure and to bring it back to an operable condition.
Diagnostics & Repair - Value Proposition:
- To identify the nature and cause of a certain malfunction or breakdown of the asset
- To receive specific information about the root cause of the breakdown in order to generate the required corrective actions and avoid repetition of the malfunction


Services are to support customers remotely by phone, email or remote capability, to keep their field instruments, software, or solution up and running over time.
Support Services – Value Proposition:
It consists of:
- A scalable offering
- The support by phone
- As optional, the remote access to the device


Services are designed to set-up field instruments, software and/or solutions to operate according to its specifications and application requirements of the customer.
Commissioning Services – Value Proposition
Keep your process up and running on time and on budget!
• Optimal device performance
• Short commissioning times
• Smooth handover to operations
• Reliable measurement results
• Take care in one go


Those services are designed to execute a variety of preventive maintenance activities to keep field instruments, software or solutions in operating conditions.
Maintenance Services – Value Proposition
Maintenance Services are consisting in 3 main types of services characterized from one side with the scope of work applied on the asset and from the other side the degree of breakdown prevention.
1, Inspection Services
2, Verification Services
3, Preventive maintenance Services


Calibration Services – Value Proposition
We offer three major types of calibrations.
- Factory Calibrations offer the highest accuracy but they are more expensive and due to logistics they have the longest turnaround time.
On-site calibration is relatively cost effective, quick and convincement for the customer but measurement uncertainty is higher.
Workshop Calibrations offer a balance between the other options but have limitations in terms of the measurement ranges and sizes that can be accommodated.


Training Services are designed to transfer specific knowledge and skills to the customer on application, field instruments, software and/or solutions.
Training – Value Proposition
Main value proposition of our provided Maintenance [Training] Services is to Increase customer’s knowledge to improve his business!
We propose to customers 3 main types of training:
- Technology based training which represent around 90% of the training Net Sales
- Application based training
- Subject training which are delivered by only few SCs

Calibration Optimization

Calibration Optimization are services designed to improve the customer’s calibration process effectiveness and efficiency.
Calibration Optimization – Value Proposition
• Reduce non-conformities and keep your devices in spec.
• Keep processes running smoothly and minimize costs
• Turn downtime to your advantage.
• Make better informed decisions

Maintenance Optimization

Maintenance Optimization are services designed to improve the customer’s maintenance process effectiveness and efficiency.
Maintenance Optimization – Value Proposition
Optimize maintenance costs and improve plant availability through a well-balanced maintenance plan
• Up to date maintenance and management of the installed base
• Improve personnel efficiency and optimize spare part stock
• Achieve safety and quality compliance Minimize downtime

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